Deflated. The persimmon curtain, 2 months later

A little refill of color and vitamin C in the middl… , let’s two-third of Winter.

Do you remember this post ? I had hung a few kaki (Japanese persimmons) on my balcony. Read why/how here.

That was a kaki on December 12th. Totally smooth and young.
After 2 months under the intense… ahem, luminous Winter sun, without wearing sunscreen or even a hat :


I was just kidding. We should learn to see the true beauty in fruits. And in people too. Persimmons age gracefully. Look what class, what character it has now !
So that took 2 months…I have nearly waited. The good thing is the crows did not come to devour them.

Fibers in a creamy and syrupy sauce. It’s extremely sweet, flavorful and cool… That comes from outside.

The skin can be broken with a spoon. They are no ripe yet. Let’s wait a little more. That takes time.

2 thoughts on “Deflated. The persimmon curtain, 2 months later

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