Kakicannelle or percinnamon ?

When a cinnamon marries persimmon, you get delicious cake-puddings. Really these 2 flavors go together so well and that tastes like a new type of fruit.
I remember a Malaysian recipe associating them in small cakes, with some brown sugar or caramel. That’s a vague memory. That was too sweet for me in the original version. I made them randomly… and yeah ! The texture and taste were just like that.

Ooops this one was a little too young. That’s one of my “hung persimmon” (read here).
So I had had to cook or lose it.

I added the paste to a basic muffin dough, and some lemon juice (a little) and zest. That gives heaviness to the mix and they won’t dry and stay. Even if they go up…they fall down.

So the texture is moist and a little sticky. Mousse ou cake ? Both. I like it.

Once again they look…well. This blog is honest, I show you things the way they are. They were delicious anyway.

3 thoughts on “Kakicannelle or percinnamon ?

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