Let’s swim : pétoncles à la nage amandine

This misty-rious dish is called Nage de pétoncles amandine.

I caugh a bargain of queen scallops, today.

Swimming in their indoor pool…
For dishes “la nage”, which means “swimming” is a soup. But who is Amandine ?

Shallots, red bell pepper and shimeji mushroom for the aromatic base. A little white wine. The shells. A broth of saffron.

Et voilà !

So who is Amandine ? Well, an adjective meaning “with almond”.
The secret almond touch is this fragrant oil. Just a few drops like pearls on my nage :

Mmmmm…. The broth is not light and sweet, the touch of sweet almond matches the shellfish’s sweetness. Perfect harmony !

Sides are steamed mizuna green and rice (red and white) with goji berries and broken almond topping. I placed the mizuna leaves on top of the shellfish to steam it. Convenient !

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