Black rice bread

Bread with black rice.
Where does this idea come from ? Daring Bakers. But not only.
Well, that’s floating in the air. Now in Japan, there is a real craze (orchestrated by marketing wizards) around the Home Bakery machines that make bread from rice. Well, that’s not really possible to make bread with only rice as it lacks gluten. There are various *tricks*, but here I simply added the rice to bread flour, inspired by Daring Baker’s brown rice bread recipe.

I was experimenting the Dutch crunch for the “tiger bread” of the challenge. I had the “plain rice flour” called by the recipe. So I tried 2 substitutes here and I didn’t get the expected tiger effect, but those funny rolls.

That’s Chinese black rice. Is it sticky rice ? Maybe. I don’t know what I buy ? Hey, no. That’s the charm of shopping in Chinatown. That’s not that they can’t speak Japanese, that’s they are friendly like jail doors. They don’t talk to you. They write minimal information on packages. Like for rice, they put in a transparent bag : you can see what it is. The label has only origin and date, as that’s compulsory. So, it seems semi-sticky. I wish I could tell you…

I cooked it normally in the rice cooker and I put one cup in the blender with 3 cups of water to get a thick sauce. I made a normal bread dough with this addition, in Kiki (my home-bakery).

Surprise : the dough went very high (3 to 4 times the initial volume) and it was VERY sticky and when I tried to take it with a spoon it made bubbles ! I think that’s the effect of the stickiness of the rice.

First experiment : Corn starch coating. It never became a paste, it leaked around.

Second experiment : Joshinko coating. Joshinko is a rice *processed flour* used to make Japanese sweets.

The bread was as you see pink inside, very soft and fluffy. Well perfect toast bread.

The corn starch coating, that looks like plaster. That tastes… not. Nothing. That’s decorative, if you like white…

Joshinko coating gave a tastier crust, but no tiger skin effect. The bun didn’t raise as much as it should.

Well interesting. I’ll make more breads with rice.

5 thoughts on “Black rice bread

  1. I love the idea of adding black rice to bread, though the dough looks like a nightmare to work with! Well done for experimenting to try and get the result you wanted, even if you weren’t 100% happy with it in the end it was a good achievement.

  2. This is an interesting read. You’re like a scientist. The color looks like red bean rice (osekihan) which I like. I may someday try it like after I got kitchen back.

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