Arlequin sandwitch (with black magic)

Or haunted Pisa tower sand ? Well, it colorful like a Harlequin in black mask :

arlequin wiki C’est une tuerie… That’s how I made it :

A little slower ?

First slice in 3 a bun of “black rice bread”.

The first and second floors share the same carpet of tomato paste.

1F : olives, dry herbs, corn, green chili. Then lotus roots that will bring a super crunchy feel. Then a few drops of olive oil and a little parmesan cheese.

2F : Bell peppers, stalks of Italian parsley, then pizza cheese.

Then pass the 3 layers in the oven toaster.

Mmmmm…. NO WAIT !
Add fresh parsley and ruccola :

Pile up and serve with more veggies.

Eat the veggies too.

2 thoughts on “Arlequin sandwitch (with black magic)

  1. What a fascinating twist on the original recipe. I love the color of the black rice bread and the interesting sandwich ingredients. Where do you find lotus root like that? Thanks for joining us this month!!

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