Gâteau au yaourt d’Osaka – Osaka yoghurt cake

A bright idea… Many shops in Japan are famous in the whole country for one product that they have proposed unchanged for decades. Sometimes it’s not good at all, but it’s famous. So every year, new shops open and announce they have been famous for ages… That doesn’t matter. People make long queues to get some.
For instance : Osaka yogurt cake from Boston .
If you live in Japan, you can order one, frozen. It’s from Osaka. Boston is the shop’s name.

A fresh yogurt cake perfect for the season. That’s not the common yogurt cake “cakus yogurtus ordinarus” that everybody knows from kindergarten. It was usually burnt on the top. Well, at my grandma’s. That was a way to know it was the yogurt cake… Here, the yogurt is a topping :

That’s not a very complex cake. They show us how to make it :

Well, wait 30 years and I will make them perfect too. The recipe is given in brief. Génoise sponge cake, whipped cream, strawberries and on top yogurt bavarois.

génoise recipe

I mixed veg’ whip cream and drained yogurt for the cream.

For the bavarois, I mixed 1 cup of yogurt, sugar, vanilla essence and cooked agar-agar ( 1 ts with 1/2 cup of water), and I beat with a whisk. At the time I mixed it, the bavarois has the perfect creamy texture like in the video. Hurrah ! Gelatin would work too.

Then… ahem, preparing the bavarois before creaming the cake was a bad idea. It was stuck, so I have cream crumbles on the top. I’d need an assistant to bring stuff just when I need.
Well, unless you have taste for neo-Roccoco cake installations, you’d better order from the Sensei, and not ask me to decorate your birthday or wedding cakes.

Verdict : Mmmmmmm….

13 thoughts on “Gâteau au yaourt d’Osaka – Osaka yoghurt cake

  1. Next time maybe warm the bavarois slightly so that you can whip it back up. However, since I don’t know the properties of agar agar I don’t know if it would set again, I know the gelatin would.

    • Thanks for the advice. I think gelatin is easier to reheat. For the agar agar, that works only during a few minutes, that thickens quicker and it can be kept at room temperature. Advantages that can become inconvenient. I tried to reheat, but that was too late. I had used all the yogurt I had, so I didn’t make it again. Well, next time, I’ll prepare it just before using.

  2. How to prepare “drained yogurt”? Gâteau au yaourt d’Osaka – Osaka yoghurt cake looks so delicious! (=^_^=)/❤

    • I drained the liquid from yogurt by letting the yogurt about 20 minutes in a mesh strainer. If the yogurt is older, it makes curds, you can simply get them with a spoon. The liquid is very healthy, so I drink it when I don’t need it in the recipe.

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