Runner’s risotto brunch

When you go for a long run, you don’t have time to cook a risotto, standing next to the pot 40 minutes. Hello rice-cooker !
That’s a bit mashed, but well, it’s automatic. I thrown in it the rice (white and a little of red), chopped garlic, whole shiitake mushrooms (they were small), water and started the “okayu program” (Japanese rice porridge).

Then, back at home I took out 2 cold side dishes.
Yakko tofu, with myoga (before adding a little soy sauce).

Natto, mustard, sesame.

I found the rice cooked. I added olive oil, salt, pepper and topped with Italian parsley.

Yummy and ready in 1 minute !

The meal with 2 servings of risotto (that was a long run) :
Cal :1053 F35.8g C143.5g P38.7g

2 thoughts on “Runner’s risotto brunch

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