A twisted soup… for a funny plant based meal. That’s a delicious fresh green creamy soup, with a hint of nuttiness from the pop-corn.

Green simplicity. Full of proteins and flavor.
Only edamame (green fresh soy beans), mizuna leaves and kombu dashi (seaweed stock). Plus corn, for the topping.

Tristep trigridient soup :

1-Rub the pods of edamame with coarse salt and rinse them. Boil them in their pods in slightly salty water. That takes 4~5 minutes till they get soft. Or use frozen pre-boiled ones.

2-Add 2/3 of the dashi stock to the shelled beans and juice in the blender. Simmer a few minutes in a sauce pan (or the micro-wave).

3-Juice the mizuna with 1/3 of dashi. Mix to the soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve.

Pop 2 tbs of corn. I like corn flavored pop-corn. It has to be made and eaten in a delay…

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