Black sata andagi (Okinawan donuts)

Sata andagi

Today they are flavor with Okinawan sugar… which is just normal for an Okinawan sweet. Kurozato means black sugar. It is unrefined cane sugar. It susally comes in irregular blocks but we can buy it powdered too. That’s convenient as grinding the blocks is very hard, so for the recipes that don’t require melting the sugar it’s tough.

I really like it. The taste is old fashioned. Well, it has something spicy like molasses. It’s much more flavorful than the white sugar. And they say it’s healthier. Okinawa is full of centenarians, so maybe…

The batter (recipe here)

Plus a big spoon of kurozato black sugar.

Frying till they get dark brown.

Crispy outside, inside they are like a cake.

Black sugar ? So you need black tea. Enjoy with Puer cha.


3 thoughts on “Black sata andagi (Okinawan donuts)

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  2. Just had some Okinawan donuts today at a rest stop outside of Nago, Okinawa. I had one regular and one with brown sugar. Oh so tasty without being too sweet.

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