Nira chahan, fried rice du jour

Cha-han is a anything goes Chinese style fried rice. Nira (Asian garlic chives) are those long leaves with a slight garlic taste. And they came for lunch together…

Sunny and eggy, with a touch of chili sauce. Let’s make it :

First, stir-fry all the veggie left-overs (eringi mushrooms, celery, negi leeks, onion, the white stalks of the nira) in oil flavored with garlic a cut dry chilly and a ts of salted shrimps ami-ebi.

Scramble an egg in the middle. Add in hot rice from the rice cooker, spices.

That makes a ton. Let’s store half for another meal.

To the rest, I added natto beans, a beaten egg, the bouquet of nira.

And served !

With marinated eringi, and red favas in the pod.

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