Korean style Taisho kintoki beans

These marinated beans have an extremely sharp and fragrant shiso flavor that lighten them extraordinarily.
This not an existing Korean dish. I arrange that with Korean ingredients.

Bean cooking day. Azuki beans. And the big ones are 大正金時豆 (Taisho Kintoki Mame). They are beans… red beans, less red than kidney beans. Like all beans, they are used in Japan, for savory dishes, sweet dishes and sweet desserts. Here it’s a sweet-savory side dish.

Boiled beans, still hot.

1 spoon of gochujang Korean sweet spicy sauce.

A few leaves of shiso (perilla), cut in ribbons.

1 spoon of Chinese black rice vinegar. Combine, let cool. Keep in the fridge overnight.

The beans will absorb the shiso flavor. Serve with shiso leaves and sesame seeds.

2 thoughts on “Korean style Taisho kintoki beans

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