Mini-mezze. OK, 2 items only… Well that should be 3. I have to confess what happened to the third.

Ah la la… In the name of culinary science, I tried to cook falafels in the waffle maker. Verdict : FAIL !
Oh they did cook, but they were glued there and split in 2. I had to eat directly from the molds.

Back to tabouleh. This is the Lebanese style. Far away from its remote French cousin.

Made with bulgur and all the herbs I had to use or lose. I though I had lots of herbs but I could have used 3 times more.

Bulgur takes longer than couscous to rehydrate.

It’s crunchy and solid under the teeth, delicately fresh and fragrant.

Served with a veggie mix, chick peas, favas, red paprika, seasoned with mace.

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