From the branch, a green charade

My first is eda (=branch), and it’s full of pods now…

My second is mame (=beans). And it’s very green.

My whole is green soy beans (edamame).
It’s a delicious crunchy snack, to go with a beer, or without. Many bars bring you some, like that, even if you don’t order. That’s not free. When you go out, they may charge you the moon for it ! It’s better to ask how much is the “cover charge” before stepping in. Of course, these beans are very cheap and that’s nothing to prepare.

Just boiled in a few minutes. I used the steamer as a basket. I put them in boiling salted water and checked after 3 to 4 minutes if they were crunch.

4 thoughts on “From the branch, a green charade

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