Shrr…. shrrr… shred veggies

Finely grated raw veggies, and even fruits, are very refreshing. There are grated salads in most places of tropical Asia for a good reason. To enjoy separated or mixed.

Carrot and cucumber are very common. Daikon radish too. I salt it, let a while and pass in cold water to rinse. Nankin, aka Kabocha pumpkin can be eaten raw. I wouldn’t tell you to bite into a chunk like that. That’s hard like stone. But you can add a bit to a salad or make raw pickles. I grated it the day before, and salted it, to tenderize it.

With tortillas. Home-made. Of course, with that shape, I can’t pretend I bought them. With beans (azuki).

And that lemony green sauce (recipe coming soon).


4 thoughts on “Shrr…. shrrr… shred veggies

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