Red bean kibbeh, yellow split pea salad

Another delicious filling plant based lunch.

After the baked kibbeh :

kabocha kibbeh

I tried the fried one.

I’ve added half of the kintoki red beans pureed to the bulgur mix. The other half stir-fried with sesame seeds, hot spices, spinach, mint, onion, garlic and goji berries.
Pan-fried + baked.

The full shape… not a perfect ogive. I’m scared to put a name on the shape. You know what ? My online photo album refused this and a few in the series as their computer suspect it to be obscene.


The salad is made with yellow split peas.

I cooked them in the rice-cooker. I added veggies. It’s a balsamico oregano dressing added after the photos as it gives a dirty look to the dish and I don’t want more photos refused by the photo Inquisicion…

Nutrition :
569 calories F15.8g C97.6g P29.9g

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