Twisted egg briks

I turned around the delicious Tunisian snack. For the recipe :

classic brik DIY (click here)

Today, it’s filled with a Japanese ingredient.

Hot and crunchy additions.

A rich mix : the previous ingredients, plus negi leeks, ras-el-hanout spice mix, more cumin, tomato paste, onion, garlic.
Then an egg.

And the result is : ad-dic-tive ! You’d never say it’s natto. The flavor is Orient. The texture soft and crunch. The heat…

With a refreshing salad as usual.

2 thoughts on “Twisted egg briks

  1. That looks so good, i would love to try it. I’ve been in search of natto for a while but wasn’t able to find it in any grocery store, not even Asian. I guess I can only get it online.

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