A silky Chinese dessert, annin doufu

Soothing shades for a refreshing dessert. There are 100 versions of these almond milk jelly cubes, the Chinese blanc-manger. Annin doufu is literally almond tofu but it’s so often made with soy like today. In Japan, dairy versions are common.

I jellified with agar some soy milk cut with water. It’s flavored with cane sugar and bitter almond extract.

Cut in cubes.

Serve chilled.

Let’s add a typical seasonal Chinese fruit : litchi.

4 thoughts on “A silky Chinese dessert, annin doufu

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  2. Do you have any recommended measurements to make this? I would not have any idea what proportions to do.

    • I follow the instructions on the box of agar. That varies if you use it in the form of bars, powder, flakes… and even between brands. If nothing was written, I’d try 1 teaspoon (5 g) for 500 ml.
      The brand I use currently is in small packs of 4 grams of powder, and it is recommended for 400 ml of liquid. So I mix one pack with 400 ml of milk, I bring to boil, let it cook about 2 minutes. Then I add aroma and sugar to taste. I have to add water to my home-made soy milk because it’s very thick, otherwise, with bought milk, that’s not necessary. I hope that helps.

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