Salty Gourmande, quenching hottest day thirst

It’s so hot and humid, you sweat so much…

…that you even crave for salt ?

Tonight, prepare yourself a refreshing cocktail, a Salty Gourmande. Don’t worry it’s not very loaded in alcohol and you can even make it without. I can’t drink anything strong.

First, let’s make the base.
Juice a handful of litchis (or like me squeeze them and shred the rest of flesh). Add 1/3 lemon juice, 1 ts of black sugar and about a liter of water.
Store a few hours in the fridge. You get a tasty lemonade that you can enjoy on its own.

Salty Gourmande :

Wet half of the edge of a glass and stamp it in a plate of natural sea salt. Half, ahem… I’m training at it !
Put a litchi in the bottom of the glass.
Pour a “finger” of apricot liquor.
Complete with the litchi lemonade.

It’s Shinluchu, Chinese apricot liquor. It’s not very strong. Any apricot liquor can be used. Or you can skip.
The salt is compulsory. That’s natural sea salt, the wet one, because it’s so much tastier. That would be easier to decorate the glass with dried table salt, but you’d lose in taste.

Degustation :
Start drinking from the side of glass without salt and turn a little to grasp a few grains of salt between sweet sips. The contrast brings the freshness.
Finish by eating the litchi in the bottom.

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