Mizu yokan

A refreshing Summer Japanese sweet. Simple and delicious. The traditional yokan is thicker, sweeter. For the hot season, water (mizu) is added.

The mizu yokan can be seen in many shapes. In small cups, inside bamboo stalks. I just made a block.

I took the boiled azuki beans (more here), their cooking broth and made a sauce in the blender. I obtained 1/2 liter of thick liquid. I flavored at my taste with kurozato black sugar, cane sugar and lakanto sweetener. Beside, I boiled 400 ml of water with 1 pack (for 500 ml) of agar agar. Blend it in. Poured in mold. Waited.
When it was cooled and solid, refrigerated :

It’s very easy to cut. Melty texture.

Enjoy with matcha (ceremony tea) or chilled sencha green tea.

3 thoughts on “Mizu yokan

  1. J’ai goûté ce dessert sous forme de crème avec une glace au matcha, et c’était surprenant mais bon ! Je vais essayer cette recette, peut-être en ajoutant cette fois une crème de matcha, ce serait amusant.

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