Germinated rice appam and erissery

Let’s have an Indian brunch. Appam crepes and some spicy veggies.
This is a dry version of this recipe of mathanga vanpayar erisseri with local ingredients. I planned to be more faithful to the recipe but…

I had some mini-pumpkin left. And a chunk of zucchini. For the beans, I’ve used azuki.

These pumpkins are tasty when you don’t cook them much, so I didn’t go till the soup stage. Anyway, that’s a deliciously coconut flavored dish.

They are a bit different from the appams I made before.

Hatsuga genmai appams :
1 cup of brown rice germinated (about 48 hours)
1 ts of potato starch
1/4 ts of powdered yeast for bread
1/2 ts of grated coconut
1/2 ts of sugar
Mix all the blender with 1/2 to 1 cup of water, to get a creamy batter. Let overnight at room temperature. Add salt to taste.
Cook the crepes in a hot pan.

They got that crispy texture and they have a pleasant yogurt flavor.

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