Last month’s visitors pick

First dish :

Osaka’s famous takoyaki. Part 2 : At home (tutorial)
Kabocha salad, a bento lunch box classic
Yaki ika, Ika yaki
Pasting the shiso
Salad bar

Rice and bread :

Hatsuga Genmai (germinated rice) in salmon sushi
GOHAN Japanese rice, everything about it
Hemp seed soda bread. When whole food is too whole…
Rice-cooker steamed black sesame bread
Happy appams

Main dish :

About yuzu, tofu, Hokkaido hotate (scallop sashimi) and tender green
Negi-yaki with black and white mushrooms
La gritzza, cornmeal and veggie tart
Fresh somen

Desserts :

Warabiiiiii mochiiii, ikaga desuka ? Japanese Summer’s snack
Millas, when polenta is a dessert
Mizu yokan
Bubbly grapes
Cygne et choux, puffy swan

Coffee :

Café au lait, revisited

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