Sprouted hemp seed bread, improved version

That’s a HUGE HUGE progress from my hemp seed soda bread, version beta (click here) :

The color is very different but it’s made with roughly the same ingredients. I eyeballed the flour, but I’ve used 1 cup of raw hemp seeds and in both cases mixed with about 3 cups of flour (AP, I make my mix).

The issue was the bits of bran still hard under the teeth. I had soaked the seeds only one day.

I have soaked the seeds much longer. 3 days. And I obtained germinated hemp seeds. 


Mixed in yeasted bread dough. Added flour to get a soft paste. I kneed it with a wooden spoon.

Low tide.

High tide.

In that kind of experiment, you never know what the bread will look like. The dough had already more than doubled of volume when I put them in the oven. But they might have expanded more.

Eh no, flat surface bread. But mmm… will do it again. Let’s soak the bird food.

4 thoughts on “Sprouted hemp seed bread, improved version

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