A little different way on Tes’s blog (here). She is a specialist of vegetable milks.
Remember the corn milk.

Mine is KSS.

Take dry soy beans (on the left on the photo, the others are roasted).

Rinse and soak them overnight (or over-day).
Change the water and grind in a blender or with a hand-mixer, let sit 10 minutes, grind again.
Bring everything to boil, cook a little.

Separate the grounds and the milk. I use a very thin sieve and after I pass the milk through a metallic coffee filter.

The grounds are okara. I want to keep them (that’s why I cooked everything). Because I can make u-no-hana and even diet cookies…


The liquid is your tonyu. I don’t want to say “soy milk” because in the countries of most readers you can buy a drink sold as “soy milk” and it…

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