Enfrijoladas frescas

Enfrijoladas, stuffed tortillas in a bean sauce. I had to try that.

Yummy ! That’s really delicious. The sauce is much lighter than let’s say an enchilada sauce. It’s satisfying but not stuffing.
Adopted ! You will see some again.

I made the wheat tortilla flavored with paprika.

Stuffed with tofu (that was pan-fried, a left over), cubes of zucchini, snow peas, spices.


Refried beans. They are kuromame, black soy beans. I refried in olive oil, with onion, garlic, cumin, jalapeno sauce… Then passed in the blender. That makes the sauce.

The photo is small. I made a technical mistake : I reheated, so the sauce was dried and less photogenic. Should have heated the filled tortilla covered by 1/3 of sauce (to soften them) and the rest bean sauce separately to pour on the plate.

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