My gado gado

Let’s eat a gado gado, the Indonesian Malaysian salad meal. With fresh krupuk shrimp crackers.

You need a ton of ingredients, you have to run around town to find everything…
Well, no, I take what I have in stock. There is not one recipe, each family has one, so I’ve made mine. As long as you have peanuts and coconut, you can make something nice…
That said without krupuks, that would be sad.

I get the dry chips ready to fry and whenever I want some… I don’t fry. 90 seconds at 600 Watts in micro-onde. (check every 20 sec, as time and power may be different in yours)

Expanded !

Paste all that.

Mix with a cup of coconut milk, simmer till it thickens. Then it’s too thick ? Add water to make it creamy. I’ve also added yuzu lime juice.

Let’s gado gado… Mix match everything.
Here : boiled potato, eggs and snow peas, diced raw daikon and apple.
I like mixing different textures, some cooked, some raw, veggies and fruits.

Pour the sauce and place the krupuk crackers on top.
Enjoy !

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