Satoimo mochi (taro cakes). They are crispy outside and inside it’s creamy like a croquette with the soft mochi texture…

A parent potato : oya-imo. You can get the whole family. Kid potato : ko-imo (normal size). Grand-kid potato : mago-imo. It seems the parent is the main plant, and the others new small branches born from it.
All are called sato-imo in Japanese. They are taro (dachine for the French). It is a very important vegetable in Japan. It was always here and grows abundantly. In the past, it was a staple for many people. We can find many sorts…

You can see the size. It has a few peels, 5 or 6 around, like an onion, but the heart is of one block.


A resembling recipe, coming from China (Hong-Kong, Taiwan), exists to make daikon mochi (with daikon radish) also known as turnip…

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