Rice and beans. And nameko.

You don’t need much food : rice and beans. And you’re good to go. With a few veggies it’s even better. In many countries over the world, generations of people have lived eating this roughly at every meal. I like more variety, but once in a while, that’s great.

Hatsuga genmai germinated brown rice (read more).

Kuromame, black soy beans.
They are hard cookies… Well, you need time. With a good long soaking 2 or 3 hours. Without, some say 8 hours. So make a big batch and you can freeze what you don’t use.

Cooking black soy beans (kuromame) :

-Rinse the beans. Place them 24 hours in cool water (in the fridge if it’s hot)
-Bring to boil, skim the foam.
-Cook on moderate heat till tender.
-Add seasonings, sauces… and simmer till very tender, or as you like.

Japanese trick : to get a nicer color, some add a few rusty nails (in a tea pouch) to soak and cook with the beans.

Kuromame beans, simmered with red onion, garlic, tomato paste, chili, olive oil.

Sticky mushrooms called nameko.

Blanched and refreshed with komatsuna greens. The seasoning is soy sauce, black vinegar and sansho pepper.

That makes a solid delicious vegan meal.

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