Velouté of kabocha with green togarashi chili

Velouté de kabocha au piment vert et au sésame.
Green velvet squash soup. It’s served chilled.
The texture is incredibly smooth and silky, and the flavor incredibly green and soft. The kabocha + green togarashi pair is a keeper.

Sides are this veggie plate.

And a crispy moffle (mochi waffle) with paprika.

I had boiled skins of kabocha and some orange flesh left on them. I mixed them in the mixer with a fresh green togarashi chili seeded and some sesame I had just toasted as a creamer. A little salt and turmeric as spices. I didn’t cook it but served it cool.

2 thoughts on “Velouté of kabocha with green togarashi chili

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