Here is my fricot… That’s the typical out of fashion dish, a stew with roux. Quelle horreur ! Really, we girls, would stay away from it, when I was a teen then a student. How many million calories or bad fats and bad sugars per plate ? Daube , a name of Southern stew is even used as an insult for some art or other writing that would be fat, watery and dull. That was in France. And we had good reasons as we have seen abominable versions in : school meal stews, cheap eatery stews, prepared dish stews… Grand-ma’s home-made was totally different, but still very *rich*. That was good, too good. Something you could indulge on a Sunday dinner.

In Japan, that’s not alt-modish at all. That’s not hip, but that’s considered as sound modern home-made food. For some weird reason. I should buy some to take…

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