Second version of the bean and rice porridge. Salt was a traditional way to preserve food in Japan, particularly for seafood and vegetables. That makes lots of salty bits to garnish an okayu (rice porridge).

The same base as for the salmon okayu.

The famous umeboshi. Litterally : dried plums. It’s a type of pickles made in several steps. Green (unripe) very flavorful plums are picked in June. They are salted. Then they are put a few weeks in a jar with water and often leaves of red shiso (that will color them). Why dried ? They are put to dry under the sun, in July-August, so they dry and catch those wrinkles. And they are put back in their liquid where they can be kept up to 2 years. I don’t do mine. Confession : I tried to make some and failed spectacularly. Well I can easily…

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