Baked matcha donuts with silky mocha

Sweet time. In Winter in Spain, they serve their churros with a thick chocolate. That was the idea. My drink is a mocha, with coffee in it. And I baked matcha green tea donuts. Both are very quick and simple to make, vegan, dairy free and more important : warm and yummy !

Matcha baked donuts :
A cup of flour, baking powder, 2 tbs of sweetened green tea powder, a generous drip of olive oil, water… Baked at 120 degrees C, till they get firm on the top. They stay very soft

You see them naked on the right. On the left, when warm, I painted them with olive oil and shook in a bag with a ts of tea powder.

A real donut texture, rich, moist, soft, sweet. The green teea sweetness is very pleasant and a perfect companion for dark chocolate.

Silky mocha. Coffee, lots of pure cocoa powder, potato starch, a few seconds in the micro-wave… It gets silky. Creamy. Well I nearly had pudding.

Let’s dip in the donuts…

6 thoughts on “Baked matcha donuts with silky mocha

    • Bonne question ! LOL. J’en ai refait plusieurs fois et disons que ca marche toujours, de liquide a solide. La texture finale est surtout due a l’huile car sans, ca donne un pain plus sec, comme les mini-bagels. La pate solide ne prend pas toujours parfaitement la forme et est moins pratique. L’ideal est une pate a texture de creme, juste assez liquide pour etre versee. Ensuite, je mets dans le four froid, sur 120 degres et je regarde quand la forme de donut est parfaite (a environ 10~12 minutes) puis on peut mettre un peu plus chaud pour finir vite, ou patienter.

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