These Chinese meat-stuff steamed buns are called nikuman in Japan and butaman in Osaka. “-man” is a short for manto/manju which meant bun. Niku is meat. Buta is pig and in China, meat is pig, or they would settle for anything else, but that should be pork. Panda is meat too.

I don’t make my butamans because I can’t get any as in Osaka they sell them at every corner of street.
It’s because home-made is always fun and it’s the December Daring Cook Challenge. Click here.

I don’t know over the world but in the Chinatowns of Kobe and Yokohama, the fancy pandaman is a big hit. Inside, it’s meat. Well pork. That could be something else : spiced crystal noodles, sweet been paste, custard…
That’s the first time I try this fancy version and it’s very easy.

I prefer the buns filled with something soft and sweet.

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