Nonnettes et flocons de neige, fluffy December sweets

Double dessert, but so light that they could fly…

Plain nonnettes, the soft ginger bread. (recipe here).
These are not filled, only glazed in a syrup of kurozato black sugar.

Mini Flockensahne tortes, topped with sesame seed streusel. It’s light low-fat plant based cream and vanilla for the whip.

6 thoughts on “Nonnettes et flocons de neige, fluffy December sweets

  1. Hi. my name is Koji Fujita. nice to meet you. I’ve been looking for thai hot (warm) sweets recently. finaly I find this good blog. thank you so much. I saw you introduced Thai street banana roti, with coconut on 27,oct,2010. I would like to make it but I am not sure about all purpose flour exactly. we have hakurikiko(薄力粉), tyuurikiko(中力粉), kyourikiko(強力粉) in japan. So, which one is the best to use for this? I will be nice tell me the best flour. Thank you.

    • Welcome on this site. AP flour, all purpose flour is a term for the US. It is close to “tyuurikiko” (10% gluten of protein). You can also mix 50% of “hakurikiko” (8%) and “kyourikiko” (12%). I hope it helps.

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