For the jour des rois, the day of the Kings, the French custom is to share a galette pie with family, or any group of friends, coworkers, student. A token is hidden inside. The person finding it will the King for a year. King of what ? Er… you have 12 months to find. There are several recipes of galettes des rois, but the pie filled with almond cream/custard is a popular classic. In the recent years, many variations have appeared.
I followed (roughly) the recipe from the blog la cocina de Carolina with a sweet potato basis.
Here you see a coconut one that I found tempting, chez les deux gourmands. That was hard to make a choice, but I had most ingredients for the 1st one in my closet.

My galette contains 8 good surprises. The little monkey is la fève, the token. Fève

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