Red light delight : lampion apple

Chinese New Year is next week. If you are looking for decoration ideas, here is a baked apple cut like a paper lantern.


The idea came when I saw Angela from the blog OhSheGlows had problems with hasselback apples. The concept looked great, but baked apples become softer when they are well cooked, and if they are not well cooked, that’s not great.
To prevent the slices from falling, I’ve used the dish as a support and I’ve cut vertically.

I was always told that you had apples to bake and apples to munch. Usually the old ones are the best for baking as they have lost a lot of water. This one has not got botox. Then I’ve cheated as I steamed the apple first, to be sure it was evenly cooked. On top, I’ve poured honey (a syrup could work) and a little almond oil. I’ve painted it all over with the oil. Then I roasted it in the oven-toaster, 10 minutes. Put more oil and honey, roasted again 10 minutes.


I’ve toasted the crispy topping separately : oats, kurozato black sugar and sesame.

Well that’s a kind of apple crisp, with a sweet almond flavor. The shape is funny.

7 thoughts on “Red light delight : lampion apple

  1. Looks interesting for a dessert idea after an Asian meal. I wonder if I can do it with “rose apple” in Thaïland.

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