Today’s quick meal. Pasta in a creamy light green sauce.

Do you eat lots of beans and pulses ? I took the habit to have one serving of them everyday to boost my protein intake. It’s easy. You can always stick one cup in some meal, or even inside a dish. And you eat less of something else.
I am not vegan..oterian (is there a general word ?) nor on any diet with exclusions, but I definitely eat less animal products than the average, which is not difficult. Even in Japan, so many people over-eat meat, fish, dairies and eggs. The quantity makes the poison. I think that sooner and later, you get negative side effects of any excess. So you don’t see only duck on this blog, but also beans, lentils, soy beans, peas, dals and products made of them, tofu, falafel, etc…

That’s a quick mash.
Mash a…

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