Veggie creamy cheesy broccoli delight


Yummy veggies ! Another plant-based meal full of broccoli and potatoes.


Miso and sakekasu (sake lees) bring the cheese-type flavor.


Wash well the potatoes, grate them. Grate an equal amount of broccoli stalk. Steam the 2 for 5~10 minutes (till it’s al dente).
Mix in the miso, sakekasu, grated garlic and half a block of tofu. Flavor with coriander seed, black pepper and nutmeg.
Add in some “flowers” of broccoli, and cut Italian parsley.


Form big balls, pat them with potato starch. Cook in a little oil.


Ready !


More steamed broccoli.


A little Japanese style kimchi as a side.


It’s really very creamy, and mmm… mmm…


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