Zesty oat muffins


Simple oat muffins, not too sweet and full of flavors.


Wet mix :
Blend : 1 cup (the size of muffin cup) of oat meal + 1 cup water + 1 yuzu lemon’s juice
Let 30 min or overnight. Add 1 small egg, 1 cup water,1/3 cup light cream. Blend.

Dry mix :
1 cup flour, BP, cinnamon/nutmeg/spices, 1 ts kurozato black sugar.
Fillings : raisins, cut yuzu lemon zest
Topping : oat meal and kurozato sugar

Tips : For vegan muffins, you can replace the cream and water with coconut milk and don’t add the egg.


Other muffins :

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DSC00810-001strawberry muffins (be patient…)

If you need more : the quick baker’s compil’

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