Matcha pasta on a flower bed


There is green tea in my pasta and my plate looks like a garden today. Happy !


Add 1 tbs of matcha (green tea powder) to 1 cup of flour or semolina, mix well and make pasta as usual.
I like them thick and thin, that depends on days. This time, the mood was for thick tagliatelle.


I used what was in the fridge : like leafy mini daikon (leaves had been eaten, I wonder by who…), red cabbage and carrot. A dry chili. New onion. Stir-fry in olive oil. Season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.


Add in the cooked pasta. Yes, there were 2 volumes of veggies for one of pasta. That’s the perfect ratio.


Serve with 2 sides, well 2 desserts…


A season citrus. It’s a sort of pomelo. It’s very sweet and flavored, not bitter at all.
子夏 (konatsu) or 日向夏 (hyuganatsu). The first name means “little Summer”.


Homemade soy yogurt.



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