Cinco de burrito, and baked veggies


It seems the Cinco de Mayo, 5/5 on the calendar is the day when the Mexicans eat Mexican food. So I want some too.


So here is the menu : burritos colorados (in red sauce), 3 baked veggies. That’s how I imagine Mexican food.


I made these burritos from scratches. Home-made tortillas, strips of chicken grilled after being marinated in lemon juice, powdered jalapeno, salt and parsley, dices of avocado, parsley, onion…


Covered with a spicy tomato sauce. With soy yogurt, cabbage, avocado dices.


Nagai togarashi, they are local green sweet peppers.
I’ve filled them with sakekasu (sake lees) mixed with minced onion, paprika, turmeric, salt, a little olive oil and lots of cumin.


Baked !


栗黄金 kurikogane (chestnut yellow gold potato) is the princess of sweet potatoes. It is cultivated in Kagoshima, Kyushu. It’s very sweet and flavorful. They make high quality shochu liquor with it.


After being baked. I’ve also baked classic potatoes.



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