Crazy veg’zza


That looks weird but that’s a really delicious…veg’zza. A crust of carrot, a sauce of black bean, a spicy chizz’, aubergines, olives. The only thing is the texture of the crust could be improved (see below).
It’s plant-based, gluten-free if you choose the right miso.


Prebaked crust : grated carrot + 1 tbs of potato starch + salt + nutmeg. I place it on a sheet of rice paper, and painted with oil. I hope the rice paper would offer some support. After pre-baking it did.


Sauces and topping prep’ :
Kuromame black soy beans. They are cooked (my frozen stock). I mashed them with a fork, flavored with curry spices.
-yellow chiiz’ : miso + sakekasu (sake lees) + turmeric + a little olive oil and enough water to make it a sauce.
-aubergine : steamed 2 minutes in micro-wave


Garnishing : the crust + a layer of beans + onions + aubergines + chiiz’ + beans and olives. And a drizzle of oil.


Baked like a pizza !
Well I served it with a spoon as the rice paper kind of disappeared. Not a good idea.




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