Alouettes sans tête, à la bourguignonne


Headless larks.
Alouette, alouette, gentille alouette… je te plumerai la tête, et la tête…

It’s “sans la tête”. Hey’s it’s just a name. It’s made of beef. I simmered them like for boeuf bourguignon.

My nearest 24/24 supermarket sells only thinly sliced lean Australian beef as meat. They have wines, not a big choice. I took one from Chili. Lots of tannins, very sour, it’s perfect. I marinated the meat, carrot and onions overnight.

To make an alouette, I rolled a slice of meat, with a slice of raw ham in it. I cooked them in a little butter. Then simmered with the marinade, garlic and a bouquet garni.

I smoothed the sauce, reduced it and reheated with the meat.

The alouettes !

Maitake mushrooms, sauteed in butter.

Ham, fried like “lardons“.

Glazed onion, made with a huge huge Japanese onion.

Buttered croutons.

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