Marinated raw eringi mushrooms


This recipe was inspired by Nori Croquante’s Pleurotes crus à la crème d’avelines, poivre noir et aneth. Merci !

Eringi. They are cultivated “pleurotes“. They don’t look like wood pleurotes I knew in France. Well that’s not the same variety, but even, the shape of mushrooms changes dramatically when they cultivate them.

I sliced them. A Murphy’s law says : “Any recipe will require at least one ingredient you don’t have in your kitchen.”. So I totally changed the marinade.

In my marinade :
white seeds sesame
goji berries (they brought the red color)
powdered ginger
I combined the ingredients, mixed, let them soak 15 minutes, mixed again. That’s what you can do when you have not soaked from the day before. I added salt, black pepper.

Pat them with sauce on all sides. Put a few hours in the fridge. Only 2 hours…


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