Red favas from mujin yatai (desert market)


Red favas (broad beans), raw and cooked.

The mujin yatai is like a market stand, but without anybody there to sell. They put a bank box. You take a bag, you put a coin. I think that’s a good idea. Usually, they sell veggies, for a really low price. In the suburbs, farmers and amateur gardeners have some times too much produce for their family, so they do that. It’s rarer to see such stands in the city, but a nearby restaurant has one. They propose all the veggies and fruits they received in excess. So I pass there regularly… Yesterday, I took 2 bags :

And a few fresh onions.

These pods, with “red favas” on the label.

That’s the first time I see some. I had no idea if I could eat them raw. We do it with the green ones and they are slightly toxic… Well I…

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