Renkon-burgers, anti fast-food.


Healthy vegan burger that taste hundred times better than the standard take-out.

It’s common in Japanese cuisine to make savory bits by sticking 2 slices of renkon (lotus root) around a small patty. This time, I made my “meat” with boiled azuki beans.

I roughly mashed them with a fork. Added some Thai red curry paste, ground sesame and a little potato starch for the binding. 2 minutes in the micro-wave. I formed the buns with slices of boiled lotus root. They can be stocked a few days in the fridge.

I ate a few like that :

I’ve reheated a few in a frying pan with other items. And these on the photo have been reheated 4 minutes in the oven-toaster :

Served with shiso leaves and a sliced tomato.

That’s really the best. After one day in the fridge, the flavors were better combined. The contrast of the…

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