Schploof ! Into the shakshuka


I had an envy of shakshuka triggered by a post on the blog of Katherine Martinelli about shakshuka from Israel…. Thanks for the idea. That was delicious.

A stick of bread diving into the golds of old Orient is pure bliss.

Each family region of each country from Morocco to Turkey, including France, has a version, a spelling and a pronunciation of the chouchouka. With or without…all the possible ingredients. I had never eaten it with eggs so far. Now that’s done.

I made mine in 4 minutes, I emptied my fridge : baked aubergines, added bell peppers, tomato paste, garlic, spices… nuked. Added the eggs, oil, spices and baked. Put bread to grill on the side to make mouillettes (soldiers). Made a balsamico dressing salad.
That’s the lazy way, but that was delicious.

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One thought on “Schploof ! Into the shakshuka

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