Pickling cukes : kimchi + cornichons à l’estragon



Two ways of quickly pickling small cucumbers.


I really had a big bag that I was not going to eat before they go bad. I don’t need pickles for Winter, just some that prolongates the cukes for a week.


Lazy kimchi : breaking the cucumbers in dices and mixing with kimchi from the store. Mix and close. The lacto-fermentation of kimchi will extend to the added vegetables.
They will be ready in one or two days.

Note : kimchi is nor vegetarian usually, but some versions without animal products can be made.


Cornichons is the French name for finger sized cucumbers, and for their pickled version. Estragon is tarragon. I’ve also added a small onion.


1/4 of vinegar heated with water. A few grains of black pepper. And there is salt. Let cool. Close.
They will be ready next week.


4 thoughts on “Pickling cukes : kimchi + cornichons à l’estragon

  1. You can use leftover juice from store bought kimchi, if that’s your bag, but I find that homemade kimchi produces a lot more juice than you ever get at the store.

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