Natural and creamy moussaka


Moussaka, the aubergine comfort food. Today another personal reinterpretation of the Greek classic. It’s very quick to prepare in a modern kitchen.

Lots of aubergines. I steam (in the micro-wave) and then slice them.

The 2 sauces. The red is made of onion, garlic, olive oil, tomato paste, azuki beans, spices (mix, mace, coriander…).

The white sauce : after boiling the millet (in the rice cooker) till it becomes a sauce, I passed the mixer to smooth it. I added a little beer yeast (the health store type, not for bread), salt, olive oil and a little cinnamon.

Let’s alternate the layers : red, blue, white, blue, red, white…

A little olive oil and mish-mash on the top. Into the oven.

Here is the yummy gratin.

Join a little salad : mizuna leaves, yellow paprika, natto and balsamico vinegar sauce.

That’s very filling. There is enough for too meal…

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