Green gnocchi in yellow curry soup



It’s humid, hot or cold (or both), stuffy, windy, raining and air pression that gets on the nerves… A typhoon that’s called. So a spicy soup for dinner, with gnocchi in it.


Full of veggies.


This my attempt to shape gnocchi (colored with matcha green tea) with a bamboo mat. Ahem… Not today, but that should work.


Konnyaku is easier to shape with veggie cutters.


Yes, it’s vegetable . That brings volume, a fresh texture and the fibers help digestion.


The soup is light coconut milk, turmeric and an Indian spice mix containing mango powder. I’ve added sliced leek white and grated carrot. Just let the bubble 10 minutes and it’s ready.



2 thoughts on “Green gnocchi in yellow curry soup

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