Greens for the heat


We are having a dry or a late rainy season. It’s getting hot. We have to get used to it. Adapting the menu is very important.


This natto is from a village called Tamba, famous for its soy bean. It’s a little more hand-made than the ordinary one.


I’ve added negi leeks, nira garlic chives and green sansho peppercorns that are now in season, with dashi broth and a little soy sauce, mixed and let a few hours.


Very large long beans. I’ve just cut them in 2 and blanched.


Blanched ninniku no me (garlic stalks) and boiled tokk (Korean mochi rice cakes)


The beans, stalks and tokk reheated in tomato sauce with lots of cut fresh oregano.


To add a little sourness : tarragon pickles (made here).



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